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Next the thinker must define the problem. Before Sam can repair his bicycle, he must find the ___33___ why it does not work. For instance, he must determine the problem is with the gears, the brakes, or the frame. He must make his problem more specific.

Now the person must look for ___34___ that will make the problem clearer and lead to

possible solutions. For instance, suppose Sam decides that his bike does not work because there is something wrong with the gear wheels. At this time, he can look up his bicycle repair book and read about gears. He can talk to his friends at the bike shop.

After studying the problem, the person should have several suggestions for a possible

__35___ . Take Sam as an __36___.His suggestions might be: put oil on the gear wheels; buy new gear wheels and replace the old ones; tighten or loosen the gear wheels.

Eventually one suggestion seems to be the solution to the problem. Sometimes the final idea ___37___ very suddenly because the thinker suddenly sees something new or sees something in a new way. Sam, for example, suddenly sees that there is a piece of chewing gum between the gear wheels. He immediately ___38___the solution to his problem: he must clean the gear wheels.

Finally, the solution is ___39___.Sam cleans the gear wheels and finds that afterwards his bicycle works perfectly. In short, he has ___40___ the problem. A. experience D. solved G. substituted J. application M. comes B. solution E. execution H. tested K. reason N. illustration C. recognize F. analyzing I. showing L. information O. realizes

IV. Cloze (30 points )

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. You are required to choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the center.

The number of speakers of English in Shakespeare’s time is estimated to have been about five million. Today it is estimated that some 260 million people speak it as a(an) ___41__

language, mainly in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In ___42___ to the standard varieties of English found in these areas,___43___ are a great many regional and social varieties of the languages as well as ___44___ levels of usage that are employed both in its spoken and written forms.

In fact, it is ___45___ to estimate the number of people in the world who have ___46___ an adequate working knowledge of English in addition to their own languages. The ___47___ for English learning and the situations in which such learning takes place are so varied that it is ___48___ to explain and still more difficult to judge ___49___ forms an adequate working knowledge for each situation.

The main reason for the widespread ___50___ for English is its present day importance as a world language. Besides ___51___ the indefinite needs of its native speakers, English is a

language in ___52___ some of important works in science, technology, and other ___53___ are being produced, and not always by native speakers.

It is widely used for ___54___ purposes as meteorological(氣象的) and airport

communications, international conferences, and the ___55___ of information over the radio and

television networks of many ___56___. It is a language wider communication for a number of wider communication for a number of developing countries, specially ___57___British colonies. Many of these countries have multi-lingual ___58___ and need a language for internal

communication in such matters as government, commerce, industry, law and ___59___ as well as for international communication and for entrance ___60____ the scientific and technological developments in the West.

41.A. foreign B.native C.second D.official 42.A.addition B.relation C.accordance D.inclusion 43.A.they B.which C.there D.that 44.A.various B.similar C.familiar D.same

45.A.possible B.necessary C.unnecessary D.impossible 46.A.associated B.coordinated C.acquired D.acquainted 47.A.purpose B.cause C.effect D.method 48.A.simple B.natural C.practical D.difficult 49.A.what B.how C.why D.where 50.A.require B.request C.supply D.demand 51.A.providing B.serving C.supposing D.leaving 52.A.that B.what C.where D.which 53.A.arts B.courses C.races D.fields 54.A.such B.all C.many D.those

55.A.use B.spread C.cover D.connection 56.A.cities B.stations C.states D.nations 57.A.latter B.former C.later D.formal 58.A.languages B.populations C.accents D.customs 59.A.education B.market C.college D.business 60.A.of B.in C.to D.with V. Writing (25 points)

Directions: In this par you are required to write a composition entitled Online Reading in no less than 100 words according to the following Chinese outline. Please remember to write it on the composition sheet.

1. 當前越來越多的人們選擇網上閱讀的方式; 2. 分析網上閱讀的利弊; 3. 我的觀點。



6-10 26-30 46-50


11-15 31-35 51-55


Online reading

Online reading is getting increasing popularity in recent years and it has become a part of our daily life.

Online reading has brought many benefits to people.through online reading, we are exposed to all kinds of electronic books and keep track of the latest information whenever it happens.what’s more, online reading has changed the traditional ways of reading, which is greatly convenient to enjoy the pleasure of reading. However, apart from many advantages of online reading, there are still some problems that cannot be ignored. For one thing, it becomes more difficult for readers to choose the most suitable stuff among the ocean of electronic materials. For another, some websites may offer false information, which makes online reading unreliable or confusing.

For my part, online reading is helpful and we should make full use of it to enrich our knowledge. But we should also remember to identify what we really need. Only when a better understanding of online reading is achived can we enjoy the pleasure and the convenience of online reading.

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